I cannot figure this reference out

I am needing to pull data from a table to another. I cannot figure it out. I know you can reference table to table, and have done so in other apps. This one is confusing me.

What i have:

Table 1 (Assets) includes assets from table 2 along with assets that do NOT have LatLong
Table 2 (Assets with LatLong)
Table 3 (Rental Ticket)

I already reference between Table 1 and Table 2 - to get information (data) from Table 1 to show up on the assets from Table 2 (when clicked on the map).

Problem i need a solution for:
I need to show the rental Ticket # PER asset when the user clicks on the asset in the map:

The problem i see is this - no where in the Rental Ticket Table (Table 3) is there a column that has [asset id].

So i need to pull that ticket number associated with that item (Asset) in another way. I do see Customer Name in my Rental Ticket - which also has:

Item (Description) and Branch location.

I really am not sure how - but currently when i type in the customer name (from Table 3 - Rental Ticket) it will show the corresponding assets (from Table 1 or Table 2) on my map - —? I really dont know how it knows - i am guessing the location column in Table 1 - which references my Table (location Table), but i am not sure.

I can provide any more info on my tables - i just really dont know where to start…


Doe anyone have a suggestion for me?