I cannot get a good expression to Create a report that will show this in an email. I want all on one report - NOT 8 reports/emails

I need to create a report that will generate daily and give this list. I tried an expression but it gave me an email PER row. I want the entire 8 rows on the one report:


I tried using the Start and End expression - but I am missing something.

<START:DATE> <<[Branch]>> <<[DSO]>> <>

It is NOT showing “end” in my above expression - not sure why…

What expression have you tried? What’s your table schema? How have you set the workflow? Are you using a templage? If so, how have you structures your template? What is/are your expression/s to retrieve the date from the sheet? Etc. etc. etc.



Sorry - I deleted my report - as it wasn’t working…

I have since changed the template - but i ONLY want the todays date row values:

This gives me the entire table?

Does this help?

I still cannot figure out how to ONLY run todays date rows.