I cannot open PDFs which I have attached...Wh...

(Daniel Frohlich) #1

I cannot open PDFs which I have attached…When I click on the file which I’ve attached, it brings up a window to open another file. Please help?

(Brian Sabino) #2

You’re in the Edit / Form view, so we’re assuming you want to replace the pdf.

If you save that entry and look at it from the details it should open / download just fine.

It’s the equivalent of editing an entry in your address book.

If you click on a number while editing the entry it’s going to bring up the keyboard, not make a call.

If you exit edit mode and click the number it will make a call.

(Daniel Frohlich) #3

@Brian_Sabino oh got it thank you. I want to be able to edit other things in the form, just not the PDF…so I don’t even know how to set it up so that I’m just viewing the details (uneditable). Is there a way to make it so

that the rest of the form is editable except for this attachment? thanks so much.

(Brian Sabino) #4

You can use the Editable_If condition, but I don’t think it will show in the form view then.

The form is intended to be an edit view.