I can't load an image in google sheets

I’m having a problem loading an image using the URL

The image was uploaded from the phone not taken by the camera
When an image is uploaded, the name is something like [key].imagename.482934 and when the image is taken by the phone’s camera, the image is named like [key].imagename.jpg. so, the format of the image is not recognized by the google sheet when the url doesn’t contain the image format.

What can I do to make google sheets to recognize the image format?

May I ask what photo app you have used when you have taken that photo with your device earlier? Was it the same than you used with your app and when the .jpg syntax was used?

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The picture that successfully got .jpg extension was taken directly from the camera app with the Take a Photo option.
The picture that didn’t got file extension was uploaded from the gallery app (Samsung A30s) with the Choose from Existing option. The image was selected from WhatsApp Business media folder. This is the one that google sheets couldn’t display

I also uploaded the image from the web browser (Chrome) and the image extension is appended .jpg

So… you have the issue only if you choose photo from WhatsApp folder?

Sorry I didn’t clarify, I just checked if that was the case but it doesn’t matter the folder the result is the same.


@Gil Any thoughts why the file extension is removed if you choose the image from the gallery?

@tecpme_casm Sorry for the delayed response,
I thought we fixed this issue already, are you still seeing it now?
Could you please let me know your app’s name?

Don’t worry, no big deal provisionally I’m just taking pictures directly from the camera.

I just checked it but the problem persists when I select the image from gallery

My app is: Asistente-1114921

Thanks @tecpme_casm,
This was fixed a while ago, but since your app is white labeled you didn’t get the update automatically. Just as a test, could you please try to upload a photo from the non white labeled app (with the AppSheet logo) and see if it keeps the file extension? Please make sure you have the latest update from the PlayStore.
To update your white labeled app, you’ll need to generate a new apk from the editor, and then distribute it to your users.

Perfect! I’ll generate a new WhiteLabel app and report if the changes were succesfully loaded.

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