I can't login

Appsheet will not let me log in using my google account as I always have. Now I cannot even request support because I cannot login. Can someone please help me!?!

jimmy@rkwallace.com - is my google account that I use here and that I have been a PAYING CUSTOMER for a long time now

Please email me or contact me by phone 601.320.0452 and help me regain access to my account and my apps, so that I can remain a PAYING CUSTOMER

Thank you!

Hi @Jimmy_Hewitt! Sorry to hear about your difficulty.

My account seems to be working so I’m not sure what might be causing your trouble.

In situations like this, I’d recommend that you write to support@appsheet.com

I hope the situation gets resolved soon. Good luck!

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Are you receiving an error message? Provided you don’t tell the reason for not being able to login, how can we help? Some of the Google login errors are not related with provided you are a paying customer or not actually. Please elaborate your issue.

Hi Jimmy,

First of all thank you for being a loyal paying customer. We are definitely going to be doing our best to help resolve this situation and put your back in business with your app.
Like Kirk or Levent suggest, please do provide us with a bit more information (Screen shot of your error message would be great) either here or when sending an email to support@appsheet.com. Our support engineer will look at your situation in the morning (We currently provide 9-5PM support).
Since it is possibly an authentication provider issue, it can be tricky for us to replicate your experience even if and when connecting to your app since we will be using our support credential and not yours, so the more information you can share with us (I.e screenshot, are you able to use the same account with another app…) , the better.
Thierry (Appsheet head of engineering)

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Provided you are receiving an error like this:


Please follow these steps to resolve the problem:
1.) Go to https://myaccount.google.com/permissions
2.) Under Third party apps with account access, find AppSheet, click on it, and then Remove Access
3.) Go to https://www.appsheet.com/account/login and sign in via Google … this should now work.


That did it! Thanks so much!!

You’re welcome