I can't make the column order in UX and this ...

(dev bc) #1

I can’t make the column order in UX and this only happen when the table show “…_Inline”. How can i fix it?

Thank you,.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Open the inline view from the UX > Views > Show system views and sort the order.

(dev bc) #3

Thanks Alkio. Ya, i found it.

Another difference question. Currently the column REF_ROW data list as map view type and i would like to add Inline view with the same data list in the same detail view. How can i do?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Your xxxx_inline view is probably using map view as a ref view. Change that ref view as a table view and it should fix that problem.

(dev bc) #5

xxx_Inline view is table view type. Actually i wan to have 2 view but in difference view type, map view and Inline(table) view. Currently it only show map view.

I try add the virtual column and plan to configure as table. Unfortunately, i only can either choose map view or table view. So, now i’m thinking how to add the Inline view.

How to make 2 difference view with same data?