I create an appsheet system generated UNIQUEI...

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I create an appsheet system generated UNIQUEID() for the Key value for people, assets, projects, etc. But then I also have another column in which I allow the user to “assign” a UID with a datamatrix sticker, and now an NFC tag. This allows these codes to be assigned instead of system created. Printing datamatrix codes in the field to match the system generated key is difficult, as is encoding the NFC to match. It’s much easier to have them all pre-printed / pre-encoded with UID, and assign them as needed. It also makes it easier if the tags are damaged or lost to simply reassign new ones vs printing/encoding to match the system. (I hope that makes sense…)

So, how do I use this to my advantage? For example checking in an asset: If I buy a truck, I can add it as a record in the system, and I assign it a pre-encoded NFC fob, or stick a pre-printed datamatrix sticker to the window. Then when a driver needs to fill up the tank at the gas station, they can simply scan the tag, and it looks up what vehicle that is, and inserts the true vehicles key UID. In order to do this I need to have a “sacrificial” column just to scan the assigned tag, and then the real REF column doing the look up for the actual Key.

In practice this get’s a little messy. Cause what if the tag won’t scan. Or, what if the vehicle doesn’t even have an assigned tag. Then they have to be able to access the REF field so they can search for the vehicle.

Anyone have any great ideas?

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@Grant_Stead may I ask what kinda datamatrix are you using/planning to use?

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@Levent_KULACOGLU I use barcode software to laser print them in sheets of 80. It’s super awesome and slick! they are 1"x1" PTE stickers, and the laser printer halfway burns in the datamatrix code… super effective, durable, and clean… and CHEAP.

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Very good solution @Grant_Stead

You can also directly order NFC216 tags from Amazon and code them with NFC Tools app also.

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My issue is I would need to encode/print hundreds of these, if not thousands, so I would need some automated way of doing it… Hence this post… plus.google.com - +Gil Littman @Santiago Will the NFC deal in appsheet… +Gil Littman @Santiago Will the NFC deal in appsheet… plus.google.com

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A few options would be an action that allows an intermediate data entry, that way it pulls up the form with the right vehicle key already selected… (Maybe in the future NFC I can pre-encode them with these linktoview type actions…)