I created a dereference to a table, containin...

(M. Engel) #1

I created a dereference to a table, containing - among others - names and photos. The names are supposed to be shown in the dropdown of the ‘ref’ field, but for some reason I only get photos. How do I fix this?

(M. Engel) #2

I added a UniqueID value. Now it’s this value that shows up. Still no name? What’s going on? I don’t understand

(Henry Scott) #3

Tick the box named “Label” against the Column containing the Names

(M. Engel) #4

Sorry, but that makes no difference. Still getting only ID

(M. Engel) #5

Finally, got it. Thanks for the advice. I had to remove the spreadsheet formula and replace it with an appsheet formula and THEN tick the box named ‘label’, but now it’s working. I even get photos AND names!!

(Henry Scott) #6

Good news