I created a separate minimal table to use as ...

(Tara Holladay) #1

I created a separate minimal table to use as my home screen “menu.” Each column has a name, a deep link to the main tables and slices, and an image. That image shows up like a button on my home screen (which is set to this table in a gallery view)

Sometimes my images load in my app, and sometimes they don’t. Just grey triangles. Lately, they haven’t loaded much at all. What might be the problem? I’d really like my cool image icons I had going on. (Also, I’m still in prototype mode, though premium plan.)

(Jorge Guerrero) #2

Hi, Im trying to do the same you did, menu buttons. Could you please let me know how you link each image to do different actions?

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

The triangle means that the image link is broken. Perhaps you have changed image name, moved the image folder or the image itself.

(Tara Holladay) #4

@Jorge_Guerrero sorry for the delay.

Here’s how I set up my columns. (ignore the email part.) in my spreadsheet for this table, my [Deep Link] column had this type of data:

#view=Students #view=All Sheet Music #view=By Level #view=Contact etc…

Be sure that whatever you type after “#view=” is exactly what your data view or slice is titled.

Then, in the UI/UX area, I created a gallery view for this data and placed it “centered” at the bottom of my screen. I sorted by [Order] (a column I made to be able to order them the way i wanted them).

But i think what you’re asking is how the linking works. But before you do that, add your pictures using the app. (Edit/Update each “row” and submit which picture you want. Because you won’t get the edit option after you link the deep links)

After you’ve got all your pics in there, go to the UI/UX section at the bottom called “behavior” — “event actions.” Select “Go to App Link (Deep Link).”

That option only shows up if you’ve saved your [Deep Link] column data as “App” type.

It should work after that.

Probably too much info. I’m pretty wordy. Sorry.

(Tara Holladay) #5

@Jorge_Guerrero My menu now looks like this

(Jorge Guerrero) #6

@Tara_Holladay Thank you very much!!!