I created an app to be used by 20 people. We ...

(Brandon Dreiman) #1

I created an app to be used by 20 people. We don’t need offline access, and the app does not need to be secure. By all measures I see, the Publisher level subscription is what we need, and that’s what I signed up for. Now, I keep getting account alerts and emails saying I must upgrade to Publisher plus. I have responded to the emails and written “live” requests for an explanation as to why the upgrade is necessary, but apparently because I’m not a premium member, no one with AppSheet ever answers. Any thoughts why they are demanding that I upgrade?

(Stephen Mattison) #2

The good people at Appsheet would never ignore you because you are not a premium member! You are probably just experiencing a small delay because of the very busy holiday season. Their computer is probably sending you that message because you have enabled a feature only available at that level. You are free to use all features available during prototype stages but once your app is deployed then they expect you to pay for the features you are using.

(Brandon Dreiman) #3

@Stephen_Mattison Thanks for the information. I made the comment regarding premium membership because the contact feature on the AppSheet website notes that only premium members get direct customer support. Good tip about the enabled features. Thanks!!

(Philip Garrett) #4


Hi Brandon,

This can happen when you select an option that is only available for one of the high priced plans. You can eliminate the problem by disabling that option.

For example, you may have specified one of the offline options on the Behavior > Offline Sync pane. Or you might have specified a workflow rule.

If you cannot locate the issue yourself,

can you provide: 1. Your account id (from the My Account pane) 2. The name of your app