I created an app which uses bar code scanning...

I created an app which uses bar code scanning for scanning assets in a facility. How do I make the bar code scanner open without necessarily having to press the icon for it in the text field for each record.

In other words, how do I make the scanning happen automitically saving each record?

Have you tried to use options “Auto save” and “Auto re-open”? You can find them from the Form view’s definition.

Did you figure this out?

Found out that if I just show the [Name] field (Bar Code input), it will just auto open. But if I enable other fields like having to insert Temperature, remarks etc, the bar code will not auto open itself.

To use the Auto-Open function, the Barcode column…

  • has to be the first column appearing in the form, or
  • has to come after a column that’s not a free text or number input

Fabian, thanks for pointing this out.