I created two apps which share the same data....

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #1

I created two apps which share the same data. One is for a lecturer and another for a student. A student scans a code for them to indicate that they attended a class. The lecturer sets up the class in a parent table and all students indicate their attendance in the child table.

The student app is working with each student managing to indicate they have attended a class (only once).

However on the lecturer side, For each class, the lecturer only sees one record (one student) who would have indicated present in the child table. Though the view icon shows all the records (ie total number of students who made entries), only one record is showing.

How do I resolve this so that the lecturer can see all records of the child table?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Please check the option “Max nested rows” from your Class detail view. It’s probably set to “1”.