I didn't change anything in my application, a...

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I didn’t change anything in my application, and this error appeared today. What happened??


Hi @Rafael_Hazure, is the app on a publisher plan? I expect this is due to stricter limitation beginning to take effect for USEREMAIL() to only work with eligible plans. To fix it you would need to either remove instances of Useremail() in the columns described, or if the plan is a per-user plan, to turn on ‘require sign-in’. See discussion here: Clarifying user sign-in requirement when using USEREMAIL() As some of you kn… plus.google.com

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That was a heavy change. Now my account will be 4 times more expensive. I don’t know what to do.


If the app is on a publisher plan, since users are not required to sign in, is it critical for the functionality of your app to capture the user email? Removing the app formulas would be the most immediate way to get the app runnable again. Or you could try temporarily requiring sign-in, although it would cause an account alert it may get the app to load again and give some time to find a longer term solution.

We are trying to understand why this error would suddenly appear today. It looks like the policy took effect Jan 19th. Had the app not been opened in the editor for a long time?

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This was explained in some pretty long posts/threads. Basically, signin is only available with secure plans. That has alway been the case. But because of an enforcement loophole, a few customers were continuing to use information from signin (like useremail() or username()) without actually setting up a secure plan.

So we deprecated this across two months. Any app creator who opened their app in the editor saw a warning. Finally, we enforced this only a few days ago (not Jan 19th). We provided a little more time just to err on the side of caution.