I do not want to show 1 specific row (yellow)...

(Tina Cheng) #1

I do not want to show 1 specific row (yellow) to any user email.

I’ve been using this expression to designate specific rows of data to specific emails.

OR(IN(USEREMAIL(),Managers[Email]), USEREMAIL()=[Captain Email], USEREMAIL()=[Captain Email2])

If I leave the cell blank, we heard that another user was able to see this row of data for some reason.

I’ve taken a screen show of the row in question, but I took out the email.

The photo shows the email inserted back in.

There is no second email. Perhaps I just need to put none in the blank cell to solve the issue?

Any ideas? Can’t leave that cell blank afterall?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You could add a filter as…