I don''t know if this is an AppSheet or (my) ...

(Robert Lerner) #1

I don’'t know if this is an AppSheet or (my) iPhone issue. When a multi-step action button is tapped, my confirmation popup appears momentarily but then disappears without my doing anything. The second step of the action button is not run. However, when I do a “long” press on the button, the sequence performs perfectly. I tried this both with and without the long-press being operative. Any suggestions? Thanks.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Robert_Lerner Hi Robert, please give us the names of the app and action button in question, as well as the model and OS version of your iPhone. Also, what were the exact steps that you took from the time you opened the app until the point where the error occurred?

(Robert Lerner) #3

Thank you Dinh. I will be sending you an email with a movie showing the precise steps. I’m using an iPhone 6S with the latest operating system. If you are able to resolve the issue I will report back here to the forum for future reference.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Robert_Lerner Hi Robert, please send your email to support@appsheet.com so that we can answer it as soon as possible.

(Robert Lerner) #5

Thanks Dinh - just sent.;

(Robert Lerner) #6

Just received this response from Gil of AppSheet. His fix works perfectly for me:

Hi Robert, Thanks for reporting this bug. This issue occurs on iOS with actions that are located right exactly where the confirmation close button is. We’re working to fix this. In the meantime you can workaround this by simply changing the action to be display overlay instead of display prominently so your action won’t but located where the close button is.