I experience an interesting occasion. Our tim...

(Us Air Compressor) #1

I experience an interesting occasion. Our time is USA central. I modify the app and it uploads the app down to 9 seconds. but when I do it in the day time till 7pm it takes 30 seconds or more. It even took 160 seconds once. it is exactly the same app. Can it be due to overloading in appsheet servers or my servers or something I did. Is there anyone else experiencing the same thing? Any help is appreciated. thanks

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Have you checked your performance profiler?

When you say “upload the app”, do you mean to a device or do you mean in the app editor? Thanks

(Us Air Compressor) #3

I mean to app editor on the same PC. the time I read is at the emulation screen on the app editor.

(Us Air Compressor) #4

This is what I have an hour

or so ago

(Us Air Compressor) #5

this is now 11:49am

(Us Air Compressor) #6

I shall send you a picture tonight for the same program. Thanks

(Us Air Compressor) #7

it is 0740pm