I found an oddity, or bug, or maybe just an u...

(David Hopkins) #1

I found an oddity, or bug, or maybe just an undocumented feature?

I have a the table, Students and it has several Virtual Columns:

  1. Payment History (links to the Payments table)

  2. Classes (links to the StudentToClass table)

Of course, I changed the actual title of the Virtual Columns to Payment History and Classes for readability on the Student Detail view.

Here is the bug:

When you open the Student Form the virtual column reference tables show appropriately, however they are Labeled by the Description field in the column data rather than the column name itself.

So, when you look at the Student Detail you see Payment History, but when

you look at the Student Form you see, “Payment information linked to the payment table based on the column name.” or some such …

The fix is clearly simple, put the column name in the description field.

Hope that all makes sense.

(Michael) #2

This is by design. The description field is used in the event the field requires explanation of what is required of the user when entering data. i.e. Asking the user a question. This is only shown when the form is open for editing. If the form is closed for editing, the display name for the field is shown.

(David Hopkins) #3

@Michael oh that makes a bit more sense.

I think I’ll adjust how I address those fields in the form then… and add some meaningful explanation.

Thanks Michael…

(David Hopkins) #4