I had changed a column name in the editor a w...

I had changed a column name in the editor a while back, without changing it in the database sheet. Today I went to add a new column to the sheet, then when I went to regenerate the structure, it wiped out my previous name change. I ended up with tons of errors. Maybe there’s a better way?

You can change the column name without regeneration if you do it in both places. In this case if you would have been change the column name in your sheet before regeneration, it would have been work correctly.

Myself, I change the spreadsheet column name first, then the AppSheet column name, then Regenerate rather than SAVE the change.

Thanks guys. Maybe I should have been more clear though, I wasn’t looking for advice. Was trying to start a discussion about a possible change to the editor. I’ve come up with three options: 1. Column name changes in the editor update the spreadsheet as well. 2. Column name changes in the editor are not allowed 3. Column names in the editor are a separate entity than spreadsheet header names (much like Display value).

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