I had something that I thought would be a fai...

(Lucas Manos) #1

I had something that I thought would be a fairly easy implementation.

The application has 2 phases. A ‘quick edit’ phase where the user can add a bunch of new rows (photos), and a second phase where the user should go back into each row and update/add information (complete form fields).

I do this by setting initial [Quick Edit] = “No”, and then triggering [Quick Edit]=“Yes” once the initial event create event is completed. Having all my other data columns Show_If [Quick Edit]=“Yes” makes them appear when a user re-enters the data entry.

My question is, is there a way to ensure that users go back to their newly created items and actually fill in the information before syncing? Once they re-open the entry, all the fields are marked as required, but until then the information could theoretically be synced with missing information.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If I understood your question correctly, there is no way to avoid the syncing because it’s happening manually from system action “Sync”.

(Steven Coile) #3

Why do you want to require completion prior to syncing?

If the concern is that the incomplete records would then be available to other users and could cause confusion, I would propose you instead add a marker to each record that indicates whether it’s complete or not. If not, prevent the row from displaying to other users (perhaps using a slice, or a security filter), or display them, but prominently highlight their incomplete status (using a format rule).

A risk of not allowing these incomplete records from syncing is that whatever information they have captured could easily be lost under a variety of circumstances. It would also prevent other legitimate syncing.

(Lucas Manos) #4

Thanks Aleksi and Steve. I have my items flagged but couldn’t find any type of “on sync” action to provide some sort of pop up notification, informing the user that more information is needed. I’m not overly worried about the incomplete data messing something up (at least at this point), as there are other down stream checks in place, and its more in the category ‘nice to have’ not so much ‘required’.

Thanks for the reply. I think user education should be sufficient in this scenario.

(Steven Coile) #5

@Lucas_Manos I don’t think you can do a pop-up. :frowning:

Off the top of my head, I would suggest finding a way to highlight the incomplete rows, perhaps using format rules.

Or, use a dashboard view to highlight incomplete rows at the top the user’s primary view.

Or, use a conditional bottom-row button view or menu view.

(Lucas Manos) #6

+Steve Coile That’s exactly what I did.

I have a format being applied to the header of all the items in the gallery view, as well as adding a section of the app displaying the users items from just that day. Works well enough to show them their items they should work on and not everyone else’s.