I have 2 workflows, which output to 2 diferen...

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I have 2 workflows, which output to 2 diferent workflow templates. The templates take info from 3 different spreadsheet tables…

…then, the workflows still work, but the dtat from one particular spreadsheet table is not feeding in. The dtat from the toher two spreadheet tables is fine!

It’s as if the workflow cannot “see” the entire table.

I made a test document, with a simple Start expression in it. That doesn’t work either. Surely it should just give me a list of the WageTotalsID values, for all the rows where [Include]=1.

Any ideas?

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Found an intriguing thing… when I go to another table in the App and select “View data”, it shows me all the data in the table.

When I do the same for my “WageTotals” table, it only shows me row 50 (The last row)

Why would that be?

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You must pull all Data that you want your WF to enter into your Template Doc into the Table that your WF is firing from. Did you do this?

Need lots more details to help better.

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Yes, sorry… This workflow is triggered from another table “Wages” and the WageTotals" table is a child to that…

The fact is, that the workflow is working fine, it is the data that is not being “seen”. I thikn it’s actually something to do with either Appsheet Tables, or Google Sheets. Appsheet is somehow only “seeing” row 50, and all the data above that is not visible to appsheet.

Why that should be, I don;t know… it’s like having a security filter on, but there isn’t…


Hi maybe check your [Include] column. are there any extra spaces or . or , characters etc.

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@Lynn Thanks, but after a serious brainstorming session last night, I got it down to the flipping Label/Key column combination.

It all works now!

One of those scenarios where you investigate all sorts of wierd and wonderful tings and then find it is down to a schoolboy error! :confused: