I have 3 tables that are child tables associa...

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #1

I have 3 tables that are child tables associated to my Personas table, and I set “IsAPartOf” to true on them.

I like the feature that give the user the ability to add records to these child tables when creating a new Personas record.

Is there a way to change the labels on these sections?

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #2
(Grant Stead) #3

@Nicholas_Christoffer yes, that’s simply the display name/ description for that column… If you go to the column definition, you will see that exact text in the display name section.

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #4

@Grant_Stead I had already modified the labels of the auto-generated reverse reference columns and they look great in my detail views.

But the screen shot above does not match the labels I set on the columns.

Instead it is a concatenation of the table name, the column name, and some English text that I cannot localize.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Remove the Description from the column definition.