I have a column named "Age" defined as Plain ...

(Fonz Allen) #1

I have a column named “Age” defined as Plain Text in the Google Sheet and Text in the AppSheet table that contains age ranges, e.g. 08-11, 12-17, 18-30, 31-50, 51-70 and 71+

I want to update an Initial Value in another column based on the contents of this column but the expression below returns FALSE.


This expression works on columns that contain alpha characters but not in the above case.

When clicking on the VERIFY button in the Expression Builder screen and looking at the results, it changes “08-11” to a Date “8/11/2018 12:00:00 AM”.

Is this a bug? Is there a work around?

(Segolene Sansom) #2

can’t check it myself but maybe try having your values with extra spaces so “08-11” would be " 08 - 11" as i know with excel that makes the difference. you would have to update all your formulas and list of values of course appropriately

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Yes this is a known issue and should be fixed quite soon. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact date. Better workaround is to use like 08>11, 12>17 etc.

(Fonz Allen) #4

@Segolene_Sansom I tried your option but it still didn’t work. Appsheet has acknowledged that it is an issue and will be fixed in the future. I changed the ranges to be “08>11”, etc. and that did work.

Thanks for responding.

(Fonz Allen) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks so much. I followed your suggestion and everything is working fine.