I have a contact directory of our staff for o...

(Kayleigh Seeley) #1

I have a contact directory of our staff for our students. I am having problems getting images of the people in the thumbnail. I only have the photos on Google Drive and my desktop. How to I get them to show up in the app as a thumbnail?

(kenneth hicks) #2

On your google drive you will have to “get a shareable link” then go into the table in your spreadsheet where these contacts are now, create a column for the images. Next is a bit more complicated because the link that you copied is not quite the correct link, but it is important.

Paste the link in the row for which person it belongs to on your new “image” column. Next you have to replace part of the link that precedes the “ID” with this:


So it should look something like this:


then go back into your editor and regenerate the columns for that table, and make sure the new column type is “Image”

Save that and your images should appear.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Another way is if you open one record with the app and insert a photo from your desktop into the image column and then save that record.

(Kayleigh Seeley) #4

Thank you both for your help. I was able to get it to work with the tip from Kenneth.