I have a couple of users on one of my apps th...

(Simon Robinson) #1

I have a couple of users on one of my apps that seem to repeatedly have sync problems.

Both are on 32GB iphones, and where fine 1-2months ago.

The symptoms are they click sync (Delayed sync = ON) then sync just seems to stop.

Sometimes it barely even seems to start - the progress bar never increases.

Other times it will sync without issue.

We’ve tried it just on Wifi and just on 3G.

But we can’t conclude its definately one or the other.

Both have failed and both have worked.

Seems to be worse when there is a lot of photos. But mostly a sync works fine if you’ve changed nothing.

Recently increased image size from low to default.

But this should just make it take longer, no fail.

So my hunch is it’s not an Appsheet problem per say.

Since it sometimes works.

But has anyone else had/have this issue and have found the cause or a workaround?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

What is your account ID and app name… if it’s okay for you to open your app?

(Simon Robinson) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio 184800, GME.

Yup its fine Translate