I have a dashboard holding 4 identical charts...

(Robert Lerner) #1

I have a dashboard holding 4 identical charts (except for the Y col variable) - but only the first chart desirably displays the underlying point value when tapped once. Also, when tapping a point two times, each chart reacts differently - the first chart does nothing (additional taps will display a detail view), others either do nothing or go to the detail view. This occurs both on my development laptop as well as a 6S iPhone (version 12.0 OS). My question is: what is controlling such behavior that will allow me to produce consistency, or is this a bug? Thanks very much.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Robert_Lerner Do you have “interactive mode” turned on in your dashboard? If so, try turning it off.

(Robert Lerner) #3

@tony Thanks very much Tony, but unfortunately interactive mode turned on or off doesn’t change anything for me on this issue.

(Robert Lerner) #4

@tony Thanks very much Tony.

(Tony Fader) #5

@Robert_Lerner Can you give me the name of the app and the name of the view where this is happening? I can try to reproduce it on my end.

(Robert Lerner) #6

I really appreciate the help Tony. The app is called “Crimes”, and the view is “Charts”. Should I hold off working on the app as I had planned until you are

finished with it?

(Tony Fader) #7

@Robert_Lerner Please get the app to a state where the problem reliably happens and then hold off on further edits. Right now when I view your app, there is no data available in any of those chart views.

(Robert Lerner) #8

@tony Tony-sorry, I forgot to mention that you need to first

select some cities in user settings for the charts to populate.

(Tony Fader) #9

@Robert_Lerner I selected the first two cities in the list. I was able to click through each bar chart to the correct detail view. Can you give me the precise steps to recreate the issue?

(Robert Lerner) #10

@tony Tony-I think I wasn’t clear. It’s not getting to the detail view that was most concerning, it was getting the pop-up point values when a bar was clicked.

(Robert Lerner) #11

Tony-I’m sorry: I’ve got to get back to work on the app. Please let me know ASAP when I can do so. If you still need access to it in a way that precludes my editing, please let me know in advance and I will stay off of it. Thank you.

(Tony Fader) #12

@Robert_Lerner That’s fine, go for it. I’ll just look at that particular version.