I have a data table for an autoparts catalog,...

(Francisco Guerrero) #1

I have a data table for an autoparts catalog, i need to filter data based on previous selections.

If user selects

Make = Nissan, only nissan models, should appear, and so son with the other selections. My question is, how can i achieve that? at this momment the only thing i can do is add or edit data, but not make a query like the one i need.

(Stephen Mattison) #2

Check out the AppSheet Inventory Management Sample app.

It’ll show you how to set up dependent drop down. Sample mobile apps for common scenarios appsheet.com

(Stephen Mattison) #3

Another Dependent Dropdown Sample App.

It’s easy, you’ll have it sorted in a Jiffy! Dependent Dropdowns - How to create a dropdown menu with values that depend on earlier choices appsheet.com

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@Stephen_Mattison Thanks !!

just did it and it works !! :slight_smile:

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Now i can filter the data and find the part code, but how can i use that result to show the product attributes like photo, price, stock?

(Stephen Mattison) #6

@Francisco_Guerrero It’s easy!

You just need to “dereference” on the [PartCode] that you have filtered to pull in photo, price, stock. It will look something like [PartCode].[Photo]. This would go in the Photo column AppFormula of your ending table.

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Dereferences help.appsheet.com

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@Francisco_Guerrero Good job!