I have a database table with a key column. Ev...

(Pim Sauter) #1

I have a database table with a key column. Every time I regenerate the columns (even when I don’t make any changes to the column structure), AppSheet will un-check the ‘key’ box, and make a column ‘ComputedKey’

Also, in general, is there a way to disable AppSheet automatically making virtual columns?

(Pim Sauter) #2

I am using the Postgres connector by the way

(Simon Robinson) #3

Maybe that column is not unique in some way.

Try creating a TEXT column with an App Formula of UniqueID() and use that as the Key

(Pim Sauter) #4

I am already using UniqueID() in that column

(Simon Robinson) #5

@Pim_Sauter As an initial value?

Also i’d check the values in that column to make sure they are all unique.

(Pim Sauter) #6

Yes, as initial value; and all entries are unique. Don’t know what’s going on here