I have a design question, need input and help...


I have a design question, need input and help with.

I have 3 columns Time In, Duration, Time Out Time In is Time() Duration is a dropdown consisting of the following: 0:05 0:10 0:15…and so on. At the moment it’s text based, only because I want to display it in that format for the end user, it’s not entirely important. Time Out is the sum of Time In + Duration, i.e. 10:15 AM + 0:15 = 10:30 AM.

Can I still use a text based input to get my result? Or if not, how can I display it in a similar way and get the same result? Or, am I approaching this entirely wrong? Which is most likely the case ;).


(David Hopkins) #2

Have you looked at doing the calculations against the fields in the appropriate state ( date time) and then using a virtual column or other means to convert the information into text for display and readability?


No I haven’t, but I was wondering about that. So you’re suggesting using a virtual to concatenate?

(David Hopkins) #4

Yes. Exactly. Do all of your calcs against the data according to the sheet and it’s appropriate column types, and then create a new virtual column where you do nothing but format that data of result


@David_Hopkins cool, I’ll try that. Thanks for your input.