I have a few different questions? One I hav...

(Kelly Carson) #1

I have a few different questions?

One I have a lot of sales reps that come and go here. I add them to use the app but it seems like they don’t get deleted from

My Team part. It says I have 120 in my team and I don’t? Can someone tell me how to delete the reps that are not here anymore?

Two- The app crashed I fixed it but now my reps can not see any of their accounts they have entered already. I only want them to see what they did not everyone else?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Kelly_Carson Hi Kelly, currently the same user might be counted multiple times if they use multiple data sources. For example, if a user uses both Google and OneDrive, this user will be counted twice in your My Team page. This is probably why you are seeing a large number of team members. @praveen will be able to give your more information about removing members from your My Team page.

Regarding the second problem, could you elaborate on what you want to achieve? Are you trying to limit each rep to only data/accounts that they have added themselves? If so, you might want to check out this article:

help.appsheet.com - Limiting Users to Their Own Data

Limiting Users to Their Own Data help.appsheet.com

(Kelly Carson) #3

Yes, to the second question. I did so but they still can not see there accounts.

(Kelly Carson) #4

My reps are required to enter in the app: Email Address Customer Name AR# Address City Other Comments/ Sit Survey ESC Needed pick Y OR N

(Kelly Carson) #5

I only want them to see what they enter into there apps. It was like that before but they can’t now

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #6

@Kelly_Carson Hi Kelly, just to clarify, is the “Require user authentication” setting turned on in your app? This setting is in the “Security” > “Require Sign-in” tab in the editor. If this is not turned on, then I don’t think it will be possible to make the security filter work.

Assuming that this setting is on, you can use the USEREMAIL() expression to retrieve the email of the user who is using the app. Using this expression, you can try this security filter expression:

[Email Address] = USEREMAIL()

Here’s what this expression means: if the email address stored in the column [Email Address] matches the email address of the current app user, then make the row visible to this user.

(Kelly Carson) #7

Yes this is turned on.

(Kelly Carson) #8

Does this need to be on too?

Allow all signed-in users If this option is enabled, there is no need for a user whitelist. Enable this option when you do not need to restrict access to a specific list of users, but you still want to access user-specific information like their email, or use personalization features like security filters or private tables ON

(Kelly Carson) #9
(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #10

@Kelly_Carson The “Allow all signed-in users” setting is not needed to use the USEREMAIL() expression. However, you should only use this setting if you do not want to restrict access to your app to only users in the white list.

If this setting is turned on, basically anyone who has an account with a storage provider (such as Google) can log into their account in order to use your app. Turn this setting on only if you simply want to be able to retrieve the user email using the USEREMAIL() expression (this is why they need to log in so that you can see their email) but you don’t care who the user is, i.e. they do not have to be included in an explicit white list of permitted users.

(Kelly Carson) #11

ok, great. Thank you so very much.

(Kelly Carson) #12

Someone will get back to me about deleting ppl from My Team so that the plan upgrade can go away?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #13

@Kelly_Carson Hi Kelly, your plan upgrade warning is not related to the number of members in your team. Currently, you are on the Publisher Plus plan. However, to use the user sign-in feature in your app, you will need to be on a Premium plan.

Also, to clarify, the required plan depends on the number of users who use your app, not the number of members in your team. Right now, the account page shows that you have 120 members in your team, but your app only has 44 users so far.

(Kelly Carson) #14


please help delete My Team players because they see the measage about the upgrade and I know I don’t need an upgrade…

(Kelly Carson) #15

Ok, So if they don’t need to sign in then we will be ok but that will effect the reps from viewing there accounts??

I know we do not have 120 members. Can you tell me how to see them and delete them. I do not have 44 users either. I can delete those but I am only seeing 24 users?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #16

@Kelly_Carson Hi Kelly, about the number of users, our records indicate that you have quite a few guest users. Guest users are users who did not sign in, and thus could not be associated with a user email. As a result, the only way we can count guest users is to associate them with specific devices. This means that the same person who uses the app from 2 different devices without signing in will be counted as 2 guest users. Since you are on the Publish Plus plan, I assume that you shared your app with your users before turning on the sign-in requirement. During this period, a number of users must have been using the app as guest users from multiple devices, which would significantly increase the number of users counted.

Regarding the sign-in requirement, if you no longer want to enable this setting, you will be able to continue using your current plan. However, as I have explained before, you will also no longer be able to use the USEREMAIL expression. As a result, you will not be able to identify your reps by their emails, which means that you will not be able to limit each rep to only his/her own data. In other words, ever rep will be able to see not only their own accounts, but also accounts belonging to all other reps as well.

Regarding the number of team members, as I mentioned earlier, each member might be counted multiple times if they use multiple authentication providers. For instance, the same person who sign in to AppSheet from Google and Microsoft will be counted as 2 members. Also, after a quick look at your account, I could see that among your team members, there were 25 app creators and 95 app users. The email addresses of the all of the members counted share the same vivintsolar.com domain.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #17

@Kelly_Carson To view all of your members, you can click on the My Team button at the top bar of the page. To view the number of app users of your app, in the app editor, go to Manage > Monitor, and click on “Usage Statistics”.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #18

@Kelly_Carson What is the security filter that you are using?

(Kelly Carson) #19

CONTAINS([Email Address],“value_1”)

I’m using this right now. But I placed something different in there and that didn’t work

(Kelly Carson) #20

I only want them to see only what they put in with there Email Address