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@Kelly_Carson I’m not sure I understand the underlying intention of the filter you are using.

Based on the expression alone, here’s the logic that the expression implements: if the text stored in [Email Address] contains the text “value_1”, return true. Otherwise, return false.

For instance, if the text stored in [Email Address] is “value_123”, then it will pass the filter. However, if the text is “value_”, it will fail the filter.

Is this the logic that you want to implement?

Well to be honest I have no clue what expression to use for this. I know that I need them to view there own accounts they place on the appsheet using there email address

@Kelly_Carson Could you explain in details the logic that you want to implement? I might be able to help you come up with an expression that works.

What are these accounts that you mentioned? Are they rows in a table in your app, or are they stored in a certain column? Also, are your users required to sign-in to use the app? The more details you provide, the better I will be able to help you.

Yes, rows in a table in my app. Yes, stored in a certain column. No they do not need to sign in everytime. This app is connected to a google sheet.


12/28/2017 20:50:16

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