I have a few questions about decluttering/sim...

(Patrick Mackaaij) #1

I have a few questions about decluttering/simplifying the map view.

  1. In the bottom right, there are two ways to add a marker (see attached screenshot). I’d like to keep the one that allows the user to enter coordinates by dragging a marker, and remove the plus. In Behavior, Appsheet added a few “system generated” Actions. One of these is for the plus, which you cannot remove but you can hide it. Unfortunately, the marker on top doesn’t drop a few pixels to take the place of the plus sign, it stays in an awkward position. Is there anything I can do to get the marker down?

  2. I’d like to change the icon of the remaining marker to a plus sign :slight_smile: How can I do this?

  3. Can I hide street view and the switch to satellite in the top left corner to make the interface even less cluttered?

  4. How can I change the compact view that opens on the bottom of the screen when you tap a pin? I think it’s called the “single deck view row at the bottom of the screen”? Currently, this shows coordinates in my app and that’s no useful in my case.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Patrick_Mackaaij Hi Patrick, the map views used by AppSheet are created by Google. As such, certain features such as the street view and satellite buttons are not modifiable.

Regarding the map actions, I’m adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet, our map expert, so that he can look into this.

(Patrick Mackaaij) #3

According to Google’s documentation there are settings to modify streetViewControl and mapTypeControl (enable/disable visability): developers.google.com - Controls | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers

Maybe these can help customising the map views used by AppSheet? Controls | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers developers.google.com