I have a field called date. A user clicks the...

(George Smith) #1

I have a field called date. A user clicks the date field to enter the date the job was done. I’d like it to auto populate that field with today’s date as soon as he clicks it.

Right now he can select today’s date from the map that automatically pops up, but I just want him to click the field in the edit form and it puts today’s date in the field immediately.

Is there a way?

(Syed Faheemuddin) #2

In initial value use formula now()

(George Smith) #3

I had tried this and today() but this does not AUTOMATICALLY FILL IN THE DATE WHEN I CLICK THE FIELD. All it does is set the drop down map interface to today’s date and I still have to click the map interface which is an extra, unnecessary click.

What I want is the user clicks on a date field or a date button or whatever in the form, and it sets the field immediately to today’s date.

Right now when I click the field it shows “mm/dd/yyyy” and then I have dropdown arrow for a map I can select to pick the date that way instead of typing it in.

The clarify this is not a NEW record, this is updating an existing record.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @George_Smith,Could you mention what you mean by " drop down map interface"?

If you are referring to “calendar” view that pops up , then you may wish to create an action of “'Set the value of a column” on the said column and set it to “TODAY()”

The user can click on the action in detail view of the record to do the needful…

(George Smith) #5

Sorry yes I meant calendar. I appreciate your answer, but I am fairly new to the app and don’t yet know how to “create and action”. Would you mind being more specific?

(Syed Faheemuddin) #6

Go through this


(George Smith) #7

Ok THIS is life changing (or at least APP changing)… thank you!

(George Smith) #8

Any way you know of to change the order that actions display prominently in? I now have 5 action buttons but would love to be able to re-order them.

(Syed Faheemuddin) #9

There is a small Rearrange actions link at the end of Actions.

This might also be helpful. https://help.appsheet.com/ux/capturing-information-in-forms/tracking-changes-using-change-column-types

(George Smith) #10

Ah just found it, thank you again!

(George Smith) #11

Ok since I am on a roll, any way for me to have the email icon load up an addressed email with content from a standard template?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #12

Hello @George_Smith, Having email body template

may not exactly happen from email Icon that is associated with an Email type column (Clicking on it will open an email with “To” address picked up from Email address in the associated email column)

However AppSheet has rich actions, workflow and reporting features through which you can send emails/SMSs/Notifications and more based on app behavior and data processed by app.

I request you to read following

help.appsheet.com - Workflow and Reports: The Essentials Workflow and Reports: The Essentials help.appsheet.com