I have a field (column) for inputting the use...

(Nick Parsons) #1

I have a field (column) for inputting the users name.

I would like the users name to be added automatically based on the users login email address. Currently I can use =useremail() but obviously this returns the email address.

In another table I have the user details along with their email, I would like to show their name, not address. Any ideas? I know this is basic ;-)…

(Keith Klein) #2

You need to add a reference column That refers to the other table with the users detail. For example if their email is the key column in the user details table, you can then add a reference email column in the other table which you set to useremail(). You can then refer to their name in the name column using [reference_column].[name_column]

(Nick Parsons) #3

@Keith_Klein Hi Keith, so I have two tables. person details and Audit. When I select to create a new audit, the users name will auto fill based on the useremail detected. So, for example, instead of showing mrdavidpearce@gmail.com it will show David Pearce.

I have tried what you said but when adding a new record, the name does not show at all? Something I have done is incorrect?

(Keith Klein) #4

You have to make sure the reference column is of type reference and that the key column of the users detail table is the email column

(Nick Parsons) #5

@Keith_Klein It works when verifying and testing, the result is correct. The only issue now is that the column field in the form does not show anymore, as though its hidden?

(Keith Klein) #6

It could be that the email you are currently using is not on the list of user details?

(Nick Parsons) #7

@Keith_Klein Is it the Auditor ID column I set to [reference_column].[name_column], the email is there. I have something set wrong…

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #8

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