I have a form where the student can be marked...

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I have a form where the student can be marked as Paid by Cash, Online, or Waiver.

I’ve created a slice that shows that student and ONLY the paid fields, so the Payment Edit for is nice and short.

This allows me to have an Action called Accept Payment that opens a nice short form with just the payment data in it.

The problem is that when I save the form, it’s trying to add a record not update an existing one.

Im getting an error that says “There is already a row that the key ‘xyz’” …

How can I get the form to update rather than insert?

Thanks again …

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(Tony Fader) #3

@David_Hopkins You could make your action use a deep link like this: LINKTOFORM(“your row id”, “Your Form View”)

(David Hopkins) #4

@tony Actually, thats how i get to where im at…


Students table (paid, receipt number) where paid can be cash or online and if online receipt number is required. But students table has 20 other fields as well…

I created a slice of the students table with just the key, name, paid and receipt number fields. so the Form for it is Name, Paid and Receipt Number. perfect.

Using the LINKTOFORM(sliceformname, [key]) i am able to bring up exactly what I want… a simple form with Name Paid and Receipt …

Trouble is, when saving that form, i get the notice that “a record with this key already exists” … so… for some reason it seems that the slice is trying to insert rather than update.

The Slice is set to UPDATE only .

hope that adds some clarity.

(Tony Fader) #5

@David_Hopkins Sorry. I misspoke. Try LINKTOROW([key], “sliceformname”) instead.

(LINKTOFORM is used to add a new record, using the provided default values)

(David Hopkins) #6

@tony OH… that looks like it could it…


(David Hopkins) #7

@tony OUTSTANDING Tony… Great Call… that did exactly what I wanted…

on a side note…

I was using this . —

LINKTOROW([Name], “Payment Form”, [_appname])

— but couldnt get [_appname] to work… suggestions?

(Tony Fader) #8

@David_Hopkins The [_appname] syntax only works in workflow templates, unfortunately. You’ll have to hard-code the app name. Glad you got it working, though.

(Tony Fader) #9

@David_Hopkins Also, if you’re linking to a row in the same app, you don’t need to include the app name in the LINKTOROW formula.