I have a formula (or script, really) in my sp...

(Frederik Munk Brønserud) #1

I have a formula (or script, really) in my spreadsheet that checks the time a file (accessible from the app) was last updated, and enters it in DateTime format. However, if there is no such file, it returns FALSE.

I would like to hide all the files that have FALSE in the [Last updated] column, and set up a formatting rule, to colour the row red, so I can easily see which documents I’m missing.

However, I cant seem to make any evaluation, neither in formatting or in show-if-rules, on weather a values is a valid DateTime or not…

Any help?

(Grant Stead) #2

Hrmmm maybe have the script enter in a specific date time in the past, and evaluate on that…

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Are you able to change the FALSE to blank? Then you could set the format rule as ISBLANK([Last updated]).

(Grant Stead) #4

Long story short, all the column data needs to be contiguous with the column type.

(Steven Coile) #5

Mixing data types within the column is a bad idea. Both @Aleksi_Alkio’s idea of using a blank value instead of FALSE, or @Grant_Stead’s idea of choosing one specific date instead, are good ones.