I have a fwe issues getting the view as I wan...

(Bjoern Houlberg) #1

I have a fwe issues getting the view as I want in a graph view.

When I press the “Data” Button from a graph view it takes me to the table view with the same column order as the slice I use which is good and easy to modify. Is it possible to sort that view e.g. by a data column? (Atm it looks like it is sorted by the row(also key) in the data)

Further when I drill-down to the next graph view and press the Data button the table view is not the same as the first one. Is it possible to edit the column order and also sort?

Hope my questions make sense.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Bjoern_Houlberg For the first table view, most likely the table view was automatically generated by AppSheet, and thus the view would use all of the default settings and sorting. If you want to customize the sorting in the table view, you will need to explicitly create it and then configure the sorting that you want. If you don’t want the created view to show up in either the app menu or the footer bar, you can set the view’s position to “Ref”. Also, you will need to point the data source of the view to the slice and not the source table.

For the 2nd table view after you have drilled down into the graph, it is possible that the underlying data source of the drilled-down graph is no longer the slice but is the source table instead. As such, the column order in the slice will not be applied to the table view. To verify this, you can run the app in the app emulator in the editor. Pay attention to the table name and view name at the bottom of the emulator to see which slice/table the view is using as its data source. If the graph and the table view were using the original table instead of the slice, then you will need to explicitly create a table view for the original table, and configure the column order and sorting of this view.

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As usual its almost too easy :slight_smile: Thank you for the fast reply. I made a table view with the data from the slice used in the graph view. Solved both problems.