I have a handful of small apps that I wish I’...

(Dietrich Winter) #1

I have a handful of small apps that I wish I’d originally created as a single large app. I’m thinking of creating an app launcher to bring them all into one place for users. However I’m wondering about data issues.

For example, if a user navigates to App1, submits form data and then returns to the app launcher, will I risk data being lost because of the switching between apps?

Is there a best practices in this regard?

Thanks, Dietrich

(GreenFluxLLC) #2

You shouldn’t have to worry about data loss when the user switches between apps. They would have to force quit the app before syncing for that to be an issue.

The launcher for several smaller apps is definitely a best practice. It reduces data transfered, sync speed, etc- when the user only needs one section of the app. But you do have to keep the permissions in mind so they all work well together.

In this case, depending on each app and its’ backend, it may cause some permission problems. Ideally, you would build all of the apps with table permissions in mind so they can all be linked. But you’re tying together existing apps that may have different permissions or live in different accounts. So just be mindful of the permissions in each app as you link them.