I have a low-security app, I hope to make it ...

(Keith Winston) #1

I have a low-security app, I hope to make it a public app but I want people to be able to see & edit their work at later points in time. Is there any way to do that in the public appsheet environment (I don’t intend, for example, to circumvent the security issues)? Obviously, this can be done with the secure app approach, but since true security is unnecessary, and since the secure app fee structure has become an impenetrable barrier to most further deployment at this point (long story), I think I need to move over to the public app realm… somehow. This sort of amounts to having user groups into which people fall: is this done in the public app environment? Unfortunately, afaik the sample apps are not visibly distinguished as public vs. secure, so I would have to open each one up to see if it demonstrates this in some way Thanks for any insights!

(Grant Stead) #2

Ok, so… I’ve considered this quite a bit…

And really, the only way you can use the per app plans is if you only push information OR only read information. The moment you start saying this for can do something, that this other guy can’t… That’s when you’re in violation…

(Grant Stead) #3

With all that said I’ve built some very successful business applications on the per app plan. The key is dividing your user groups very well.

(Keith Winston) #4

Hmm. I’ll think about this a little more. Thanks Grant, your point is well taken. OTOH, if you say this group does this stuff and this other group does other stuff, but they can all see each other and play together, I think maybe that isn’t a violation?

(Grant Stead) #5

@Keith_Winston nope. Example I can have an SQL db tied to all sorts If applications, appsheet or otherwise… Also each account you have with appsheet has its own rules and EULA…

They can see each other and play with each other. But through completely separate apps and rules.

(Grant Stead) #6

@Keith_Winston different apps, same backend. I hope that makes sense

(Keith Winston) #7

Yeah, I understand, thanks. I’m still trying to think creatively: like for example, if I created a sample app, and then had each enterprise (there are a bunch of enterprises, each with a number of agents) create an AppSheet account, copy, pay for and operate their own version. They could add me as an editor if they wanted, in case they needed app-specific technical help… maybe that’s the best model.

In the end, they push a button and it sends me a pdf, and that’s all I actually need from them, so this way the rest is on them. I don’t have the photo originals in that case, only what’s on the pdf, so I’ll need to make sure there’s not a quality degradation I have to worry about. And, that would entirely honor the intent of secure app licensing, I’m confident.

The (rather big) disadvantage is that there would now be a bunch of copies of the app out there, and I could only do any updates on those I was an editor of, and I’d have to do it on each one: very sub-optimal, but maybe a way out of a morass that has largely tied my hands for the last 6 months. Also, the copying/customizing process may entail considerable overhead since the user base will have variable skills in general and no Appsheet skills… In this particular case, there are probably only 5-10 enterprises, so there’s some limit to how out-of-hand it can get… Anyway, I’m just sort of thinking out loud here.

(Grant Stead) #8

@Keith_Winston if you want we could have an actual chat via the phone. Maybe if you explain what you’re trying to do I can help you sort it out. Feel free to shoot me an email. grantstead@steadglobal.com