I have a new App "Stage Call - Crew Time Trac...

(Robert Easter) #1

I have a new App “Stage Call - Crew Time Tracker”

How can I…

Restrict Input of [Employee-ID] in a “RelatedDetail” Table named [JobDetail]

By Input in the [Job] Table,

Column [Total Crew]

i.e I don’t want anymore [Employee-ID] 's entered in the Detail table than the # of [Crew Total]


How do I

assure when selecting [Employee-ID]'s from the [Employee-ID] drop down in the [JobDetail] Form that I do not select the same [Employee-ID] a second or third time?

i.e, I’d like a way to keep from entering the same employee multiple times into the [JobDetail] of a [Job-ID]. That said I should be able to enter the Employee into any [JobDetail] with a different [Job-ID]

I know when I see the solution this will all be simple…but my brain is hurting at present and I need some help. Thank you

(Robert Easter) #2

Still can’t figure out a ValidIF Formula for these to issues I listed above. Any help appreciated