I have a nice dashboard with charts, but cann...


I have a nice dashboard with charts, but cannot seem to control the “Drill-downs” layouts.

I use a histogram in a dashboard to display request volume.

When I click on the bar to see the underlying records, I get default views that are not very useful and cannot seem to control the column order.

The chart view comes from a slice.

I have tried to change the column order of the underlying table and slice, but nothing seems to impact these drill-down views.

System seems to create drill down views called “fastTable” and “detail”, but these don’t seem to be controllable by the user.

Is this correct?

IF so, the drill-down is not so useful.

Any insights appreciated.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Mike_Adler Hi Mike, could you elaborate on how you want the drill down view to look like? Currently, because you have not explicitly defined a detail view for the slice of the histogram, AppSheet will automatically create and open a default drill down view. However, if you explicitly define a detail view for the slice in question, AppSheet will drill down into this view instead. You can then modify this detail view in order to change the drill down view.


Thanks @Harry I guess I am not so clear.

The chart view is built using a slice as it’s data source (with columns in the order I want).

I checked the UX section for he slice, and that has a Chart view, but oddly had no Detail view (like you said).

I copied the chart view and changed it to a detail view so I can then set column order.

Unfortunately, after save and verify, when I click on a histogram bar as a drill down, the view that opens is still called “fastTable”, and the first column listed is date instead of ProjectID as I defined in the Detail view for that slice.

Any other ideas?

Sounds like the app is supposed to support this, but I cannot seem to figure out why the chart does not connect to the slice view properly…



It looks like what happens is the “drilldown” view (called fastTable), is a table of the histogram bar records, with “timestamp” column showing far left.

Turns out this is the record key.

All I was trying to do is get the first column displayed to be the ProjectID, so you can see that first on the iPhone view (not Timestamp).

Even creating a new chart view, connected to the same slice, and then creating a detailed view as well, did not fix it.

Same result.

Maybe I am misunderstanding how this should work…

Update2: the Timestamp is actually the first column in the google sheet so it looks like the chart drilldown is defaulting to fastTable and using the raw sheet order (not connecting to the slice).

Unfortunately, this gsheet is driven by a form or I would just change the column order in the sheet :slight_smile:

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Hi Mike, do you mind sending us the app details to support@appsheet.com. That way, we can take a look at it and see what is going on. Drilldown should show a tabular view that is based on the slice.


@praveen - sure.

Will send.

Wondering what I am missing …


+adam.stone at Appsheet spotted the problem.

Just wanted to pass info along in case anyone else faces a similar chart issue.

Turns out I missed the obvious.

The Histogram, using a slice for the data source, needs a Table or Deck view to use to display the

drilldown records.

I had a view set up, but it was a DETAIL Ref view and not a Table Ref view.


Change the Detail view to a Table view and the drilldowns work perfectly!

Thanks for the awesome support (and patience) Appsheet team!