I have a problem about behavior-workflow mail...

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I have a problem about behavior-workflow mail deliver. I set a workflow report when data was updated, the report was sent to others emails. The problem is the data was updated at 2018/1/22, but the report was sent at 2018/1/23. I am at Taiwan Taipei. Whether the workflow report is follow the time zone of behavior-report?

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the audit history is the above three pics. the last syn is 2018-1-22, but when i receive the email report is 2018-1-23(as the following pic). so i want to know why? is the time zone differ?

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I am sorry but I am not certain I understand your question. Can you clarify it?

Event triggered workflow rules are created and sent when you add, update, or delete a record.

Reports (scheduled workflow rules) are created and sent at the time you specify in the schedule you specify in the rule.

The times you see the Audit History are always report in GMT.

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