I have a product walkaround / inspections app...

(Rafael Hazure) #1

I have a product walkaround / inspections app.

Is there any way to upload the image to the app, and the user select where it is damaged?

(Jonathon Sinclair) #2

There are two ways you could handle this:

  1. Display the image, and underneath have an enumList where the user selected from the numerically labeled areas to indicate which are damaged

  2. Display the image and allow the user to draw on top of it, to indicate where the damage is.

I suspect you want the users to input the numerically labeled damage location, as you could parse this data if you needed to later…

Have a show() type column set to the ‘image’ type, and the url or drive path to your image.

Next to this column, have an EnumList type with options from 1-18.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Third option is to use XY field with this image as a background and then move the map pin into the correct place. Then you can calculate the correct answer because of the place. Maybe not so handy in this case, but it’s on option.