I have a question about building a decent siz...

(Greg Huston) #1

I have a question about building a decent sized app on Appsheet. I’m trying to build a very specific ERP sort of system. There’s a bunch of different data sources. Here’s a list of what I would call “Modules”.

Third Party (Customers, Vendors) Purchasing Inventory Parts RFQs Quotes Material Data Job Setups Orders Shipping Billing

Obviously it would be sweet to build these all separately and link them together using a program like the sample “IT Apps Manager”. However, the pricing module would make this prohibitive - there are a total of 11 “modules”. If I wanted to run my tiny company on this with myself, partner and one employee having access to these modules, that would be something like $165/m.

Is there anyway I can build this in a modular way, without having separate “apps” - they’re kind of useless on their own unless tied together but I doubt billing will see it that way. Or am I stuck paying $55/user/m unless I build one huge app?


(Greg Huston) #2

Sooo… I just read the pricing again and apparently it’s PER USER. Meaning I’m good to build it modular. Do I get that right?

(Bellave Jayaram) #3

Yes, if all your apps are in one account and you have n distinct users then you pay for n users.

(Stephen Mattison) #4


Per User, per App.

I’d build it all into one big App, more convenient for me that way.

I have much of this in one app, works great!

(Greg Huston) #5

Wait - so is the pricing per user (who can use multiple apps) or is it per user per app? Example - one user with 3 apps - $10/m or $30/m?

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

It doesn’t matter how many apps you have in your “per user” account. I believe you are using PRO plan so… if you have 5 users and 100 apps, it’s $50 per month.

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

@Stephen_Mattison unfortunately it’s not that simple.

When the data size is small and you have lot of references between almost all tables, then the answer could be one app. If the situation is not like that, then it’s better to use separate apps. If the sync time is like 15 sec which might be still okay, you could probably open the separate app within 5 sec when they are small. It totally depends what the structure needs to be.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #8

Wherever you can, use separate apps for different distinct functions. The pricing model for business use cases is per user. it is only the consumer use cases that utilize the per-app pricing model.

(Jader James) #9