I have a question about secure plan pricing ...

(Sakis Koukouvis) #1

I have a question about secure plan pricing

One of my clients wants an app with security per groups of users

There are 6 employees with the same gmail for example employeeAD@gmail.com There are 2 managers with the same gmail for example ManagerAD@gmail.com There is 1 boss with one gmail for example BossAD@gmail.com

How many licenses needs? Could he buy 3 licenses per gmail? Or he have to buy 9 licenses?

(Simon Robinson) #2

Sounds like you’d be ok with 3 licenses, providing they all use the one App.

The only potential future issue

is you won’t be able to identify WHO in one of those 3 groups did something

(Philip Garrett) #3


Our per user pricing plans are based on asking you to pay for each individual user. If there are 9 individuals then we ask you to pay for 9 user licenses.

Those individuals can use all of the apps you create within that account. We encourage you to create as many apps as you wish.

Each individual can use your apps on up to five devices.

There are drawbacks to having multiple users share a single email address. 1. We count usage based on the user’s email address. If the six individuals use different devices, you are likely to hit the 5 device per user limit. 2. It is impossible to track which changes each user is making. In Audit History changes are labelled with the user’s email address. 3. It is difficult or impossible to keep per user data. This is normally handled by associating the user’s email with their data and filtering that data based on a Security Filter that uses the current user’s email address. We automatically obtain the current user’s email address when they sign in. 4. It violates the spirit of our per user licensing.

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Thank you for your answers @Simon_Robinson @Philip_Garrett_Appsh