I have a question, I have been attempting to ...

(Andrew Mavar) #1

I have a question, I have been attempting to get the AppSheets app to send emails out to certain people notifying them that the is low stock on a particular item. What actions do i do in order to get the process to work so when a threshold on lets say a product like intial stock is 50 of bannas and the restock value is 10 bannas and say i sell 55 bannas leaving me with only 5 left. How do i get it to send out those notfications on low stock for that item or multiple items?

(David Ackling-Jones) #2

Go to the Behaviour Tab and go to the Workflow tab. Create a workflow called, Low Stock Email, and fill in the form. Select ALL changes. Then create an expression that will trigger your report, eg [stock actual]/[stock maximum]<0.2, would trigger when any stock item was down to 20% Then create a report template in Google docs and link that to the Workflow. There is good documentation on the appsheet website on how to do this. It will probably not work at first and you can troubleshoot your Workflow using the Test and the Log buttons. That seems to be it in a nutshell. Let us know how you go.