I have a quick question about charts. Is it ...

(Seth Berman) #1

I have a quick question about charts.

Is it possible to chart or graph based on a SELECT?

I have several tables of data that get input from forms where reporting on the data is only really meaningful when you apply filters, such as date ranges, or object types.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Seth_Berman If you put your SELECT into a virtual column, you can then chart that column like you would any other. That’s one way.

Another related technique is to combine slices, chart views, and dashboard views to make a user-configured chart. Here’s a demo of that approach: https://www.appsheet.com/samples/Allow-the-user-to-filter-a-view-based-on-a-form?appGuidString=91266cff-e843-46b8-a42b-3d85afedb37f

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the response times on this forum continues to amaze me.

thanks, this looks helpful, taking a look now.

use the SELECT in VC technique, I would create a new table, say with a single VC that contains the SELECT of the data table, and then chart that?

(Tony Fader) #4

@Seth_Berman Yes, that’s one possibility. Another possibility would be to use the virtual column in an existing table. Yet another possibility would be to use a slice with a row filter condition (I hadn’t mentioned that one in my original response). I don’t fully understand your needs, but that might be the simplest way.

(Seth Berman) #5

@tony Thanks Tony!