I have a recurring issue. Sometimes values (u...

(Kevin Kelley) #1

I have a recurring issue. Sometimes values (usually sums) will NOT be correct in the full screen browser version of the app.

If I go to the tablet preview or the phone preview on the left, they will be correct. This time I entered the record thru the app on my phone first, so the phone is correct. The sum not updating correctly was directly effected by the added record.

I have refreshed the web page and synced it. I just cleared the browser’s cache and re-launched, no good. Re-freshed again. And re-synced again. No good.

Any ideas why the some values in the full-screen web version would differ from the app or the other previews?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and assistance.

(Grant Stead) #2

Crazy question, do you have Delta Sync enabled? Try turning it off, and seeing if that fixes your issues.


@Kevin_Kelley Are these sums virtual columns or regular columns? Are they referencing another table?

The iframe preview modes don’t use local data, so you should always be seeing data from a fresh sync if you refresh the page. The fullscreen mode is more like the mobile app, it launches with cached local data and may or may not sync immediately depending on whether background updates or sync-on-start are enabled. However, since you can manually sync and still see the problem, I would second Grant’s suggestion.

DeltaSync checks the “last modified” timestamp of the Google Sheet to decide whether to send new data. But if a change in another table should affect virtual columns while nothing else in the non-virtual data changed, DeltaSync could prevent the sync from updating the virtual columns.