I have a ref field wich the reference table h...

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #1

I have a ref field wich the reference table has two label fields setted (name and picture). It works fine till I use a filter on Valid_If property. And then the picture do not display anymore.

My filter is: =SELECT(Serviços Comércios[Serviço/Comércio], [Rede]=[_THISROW].[Rede])

How could I use Ref type with SELECT() to filter and display the image?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Pedro_Paulo_Sant_Ann Is the “Servico/Commercio” column the key column to table “Servicos Commercios”? Also, what are your account ID, the name of the app, and the tables and columns in question (both the referencing and referenced tables and columns)?

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #3

@Harry my account ID is

183178 and the app is FacebairroADM2. “Serviço/Comércio” is not key of Serviços Comércios table. I use “ID” column as key and

“Serviço/Comércio” and “Logo Final” columns as label.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Pedro_Paulo_Sant_Ann Hi Pedro, in the SELECT expression, instead of the column “Servico/Commercio”, could you try using the column “ID” column instead? Since you are applying the Valid_If expression to a reference column, the column in the SELECT expression must be the key column of the referenced table.

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #5

@Harry now it is working… Thank you!