I have a registration form where the user sel...

(Rudy Mens) #1

I have a registration form where the user selects an employee from a ref list. Based on the selection I show some important details that need to be checked (like certifications and ID numbers).

When one of those important details is missing, I would like to open the employee form so to user first has to complete the employee details before he can continue the registrations. Is something like that possible?

For now I have an workflow that is triggered if one the fields is empty, but the workflow only runs after saving the form. I would like to run the workflow after selecting the employee from the ref dropdownlist.

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Rudy, make all the necessary fields Required by click on the Required check box for the field.

The app highlights an empty required field and will not let the user save until it is completed.

For date fields, make sure that you set the Initial Value to blank ="".

Hope this helps.

(Steven Coile) #3

My understanding is that, while completing the registration form, after having chosen the desired employee, if the employee’s record is incomplete for the needs of this form, you want the app to take the user out of the form temporarily to complete the employee’s record, then return the user to the form to continue where they left off.

That may be possible, but it strikes me as something pretty advanced. I myself have not encountered it.

(Rudy Mens) #4

@Steven_Coile that’s exactly what I meant.