I have a serious problem with our data captur...

(Adrian Enz) #1

I have a serious problem with our data capture app with pictures taken.

Sometimes when my technician upload data with AppSheet, I get this in my Google Sheet: “Unable to load image data. Image may be missing or upload size may be too large for this device.”

I tried to find solutions but I haven’t.

It happenend with Android and iOS.

And it happens on different devices. Sometimes the technicians can upload 20 pictures a day but 1 has this strange entry in the Google Sheet.

Anybody know a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

(Adrian Enz) #2

Is this problem known? It’s quite serious for our business.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Hi Adrian, could you send us email to support@appsheet.com with the app details. We will investigate.

Here’s how this works:

a) when the user takes a photo, it is saved into the camera roll on the device

b) a handle (a short reference id) is recorded in the row in AppSheet

c) at some point afterward (a few seconds later or may be much later depending on whether the app is running offline), this changed row is synced with the backend

d) at that point, the app asks for the photo from the camera roll giving it the handle/id.

e) normally the photo should be found and everything proceeds. But once in a while, the photo is not found and this is the resulting error message

So why would the photo not be found — basically, it isn’t in the camera roll. Perhaps the camera roll is full? Perhaps it was explicitly deleted by the user? Tough to tell, but this is usually not in our control. Do you think it is possible the user deleted the photo from the camera roll by mistake?

We could instead store all the photos internally in our own device storage location, but that makes the photos less accessible, so we choose to put it in the camera roll.